Shipping Policy/FAQ

NON US SHOPPERS: Any taxes and importation fees will be the responsibility of the buyer and will not be reflected during checkout (since generally those are collected by your government). Please be aware of this before placing any orders. Thank you!

FOR EU RESIDENTS- ORDERS OF ANY PRICE WILL NOW BE CHARGED AN IMPORT FEE. PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN MAKING ORDERS. From my understanding (based on this in-depth article:, it sounds like the key difference between ordering from Etsy and ordering from here is 1) Etsy will charge the VAT fee upfront whereas ordering here means you will have to pay it when getting the package (so the same amount in the end), and 2) ordering from Etsy may avoid a flat per package handling fee. So, it may be cheaper to order from the Etsy storefront- but I admit I don't completely understand the situation.

Q: There's something on this storefront that isn't in the Etsy storefront!
A: Sorry about that, I admittedly have not been great about porting every item over! If there's something you want please just message me about it and I'll add it for you! However, I will not add preorder items to the Etsy storefront until they have arrived, because preorders may negatively affect shipping metrics.

Q: There's something on the Etsy storefront that isn't in this storefront!
A: At my current tier, Bigcartel only lets me list 50 products- so I can't list everything I have. Etsy charges a small fee per listing, so I've been putting older and lesss popular stock on there instead.

Shipping: I will do my best to ship out packages within one week, however, please keep in mind I am one person with other responsibilities. If you need a package as quickly as possible (for example, for a birthday gift) please let me know and I will ship it ASAP!

Returns: All sales are final after shipping, but I will happily replace damaged merchandise. In general, if your order hasn't shipped yet (particularly in the case of long preorders) I will cancel and refund orders on request.